dancers with no insurance in nyc

calling all dancers. the HARKNESS CENTER FOR DANCE INJURIES will treat you irregardless (sp) of your income or health insurance (in my case, lack thereof).


yay health!


drugs without drugs

kriya yoga. yeesh!




Happy Birthday Mom. Plus, Vive le Spandex!

Today would be...58!! (i think. maybe 59?) Love you Mom. I have to say my experiences in the past month as an "official yogi" have brought up tons of unresolved things that I now get to deal with and let them roll through. In the past I've pushed these things far far away but it's time I stopped running. Bring it!!! Nothing can freak me out more than I freak myself out so I'm all good.

On a much different note (maybe) I know I've changed quite a bit. You wanna know how?? Because I found myself sauntering around the East Vill during prime time on a Friday night WEARING SPANDEX. THE SHINY KIND, TOO. When did I decide this was acceptable? yes, I was coming from yoga and going TO dance...there's my excuse. But this is the first time in my life I really do not care if you make fun of my sparkling butt. :) Plus, I get to pretend I'm in flashdance. Now I just need one of those braided cotton headbands. yeesssssss

vive le spandex!! hahahaha


the old Carol has a run in with the new Carol, and they don't like each other much.

OK, so both Carols are really just Carol. We are pretty cool here in this body of ours chilling. Sometimes we are so gleeful and want to sing and dance all day (yay). And sometimes we feel like a dense grey cloud flitting around the city, looking down to the ground, doing the self-pity shuffle as to not meet anyone else's eye (not so yay). So wtf is up with that? I think it's just the process of transition that makes these 2 Carols who are really part of the same Carol seem like they are fighting.
Now I, as Carol (Carol 3? oh wait, I'm trying to dissuade the other Carols of the more than one Carol idea, though I find it kind of funny to write, especially because this is entirely schitzo (sp) and it's way too early for me to come up with something more metaphorical as to not use my actual name) have to be the mediator of Carols. I think a good idea would be to hold onto the gleeful stuff for longer and longer periods of time, until the dark clouds feel comfortable clearing.

links mostly for me to read later. yoga in relation to dance. yippeee

Brian Kest's glossary of sanskrit words:

appropriate for this posting's attitude problem. "has your yoga left the mat yet?"


"Emotional Hell and Good Hugs from John Brooks," or, "I Make Hell a Happy Place," by Carol Tessitore

Upon making a title for this blog that is seemingly going nowhere, I've concluded the following:

1). That I have absolutely NO idea what to conclude, as far as this blog goes. This also extends to my current in-transition job situation. No conclusions necessary is what I decide, for now. Going with flow. But I will indeed come up with something so mind-blowingly witty, cynical, daring, terribly dainty and hugely attractive that you'll make this page your homepage. um. ok that is the biggest lie I've ever told.

2). That I also have absolutely NO idea whether or not John Brooks is capable of making my life an emotional hell OR of giving good hugs to balance the emotional hell, as he claims he can do. I think this would be a precarious balance though. Don't you? Hugs vs. Emotional Hell? I don't know, they just don't seem to match up as duelling equals.

3). That "NAKED" brand all natural superfood juice smoothies contain 100% juice and supposedly ZERO preservatives, yet the bottle of juice is good till Sept 05, 2008...almost 2 MONTHS from now. That doesn't seem all natural, at all.

4). You have no desire to make this your homepage. yet. You may even, perhaps, leave this site of mine that seemed interesting at first but is now leaving you with a dull, aching, pang of boredom.

love you.

ps. i always say this, but I promise to suck less some other time. thanks!


day 2 detox

Day 02 08:52hrs.

Dear Solid Food,
I miss you terribly. I'll see you next week when we get together again.

top ten cravings:

1. lasagne (i never even eat lasagne but I've been dreamy about it)
2. cookies, ooey gooey cookies
3. snacks, nuts and berries and the like
4. wine
5. cheese

actually we'll leave it at top 5. that's really all I'm craving. I am however drinking some lovely teas from the T salon in Chelsea market. right now is red rooibos tea with a hint of vanilla and coconut. yum!

went for a colonic yesterday. I don't want to even talk about it. holy mary mother of god I really don't want to talk about it. I will say that I feel much lighter now.

Spent 1/2 hr making 2 whole juices last night. jeez, it really takes a lot to make a cup!

Bought bentonite clay that binds chemical toxins. tastes...mmm, like....CLAY. eww

probiotics and digestive enzymes and green superfood shake mixes (chocolate flavored) to all help digestion and give me nutrients when I can't make juice (the superfood)

This is going ok. I can't wait to eat, but I feel fine. I had energy in the morning and I will of course go to my dance class this evening. Only 5 more days after this.


1st day

7:33 am: coffee? what? no coffee allowed? I'd already thought of this, and I've got "organic maya mocha teaccino." that I can put in my coffee maker and pretend it's coffee. But, somehow (and I'm not sure why this could be) this does NOT seem at all appealing. OH! I just remember that I've got red rooibos (sp) spicey chai tea (bought as a suggestion from last yrs nutritionist, aka the wheat lady to some folks). I have that with blue organic agave nectar for sweetness.

Then I make my first juice. It's a good think I'm moving in 2 wks cause I think I woke up everyone in the building! That bastard of a machine is mofo' loud!! I spent 15 min turning precious veggies into shreds to produce barely a pint of juice. damn, that means I've got to juice perhaps the night before and make 3 or 4 pints per day. I'm supposed to drink juice (or a green shake supplement) every two hours. and tea. as much tea as I want as long as there is no caffeine.

9:16 am: I'm off to work. Good thing everyone there knows of these health kicks that my colleagues and I do. And they work in the meatpacking district in the fashion industry. They're pretty accostumed to sprouts and the like. (

ps: this fasting blog is hereby dedicated to Adam, Nicole and Al who've recommended I blog this and ALSO make the kind recommendation that I should be eating lots of raw cookie dough (cause it's a raw food) and chugging red wine (for it's antioxidant properties). hrmmm, not a bad idea... ;)

pps: i'm starving already!

ok that's a lie. I'm prepared to be starving any minute!