1st day

7:33 am: coffee? what? no coffee allowed? I'd already thought of this, and I've got "organic maya mocha teaccino." that I can put in my coffee maker and pretend it's coffee. But, somehow (and I'm not sure why this could be) this does NOT seem at all appealing. OH! I just remember that I've got red rooibos (sp) spicey chai tea (bought as a suggestion from last yrs nutritionist, aka the wheat lady to some folks). I have that with blue organic agave nectar for sweetness.

Then I make my first juice. It's a good think I'm moving in 2 wks cause I think I woke up everyone in the building! That bastard of a machine is mofo' loud!! I spent 15 min turning precious veggies into shreds to produce barely a pint of juice. damn, that means I've got to juice perhaps the night before and make 3 or 4 pints per day. I'm supposed to drink juice (or a green shake supplement) every two hours. and tea. as much tea as I want as long as there is no caffeine.

9:16 am: I'm off to work. Good thing everyone there knows of these health kicks that my colleagues and I do. And they work in the meatpacking district in the fashion industry. They're pretty accostumed to sprouts and the like. (

ps: this fasting blog is hereby dedicated to Adam, Nicole and Al who've recommended I blog this and ALSO make the kind recommendation that I should be eating lots of raw cookie dough (cause it's a raw food) and chugging red wine (for it's antioxidant properties). hrmmm, not a bad idea... ;)

pps: i'm starving already!

ok that's a lie. I'm prepared to be starving any minute!


.: Adam said...

good luck! Nicole and I are starting the lemonade diet / thing today too. We're doing broth only today, then to the lemonade for the next 10 days. we'll see what happens!

Nicole said...

I'm scared Carol. This lemonade diet is gonna suck. I think your juice diet will be way better.