let the juicing commence!!!

I'm starting a juice fast tomorrow. I've been saying this for the past week. But no, really! I even bought a juicer and there's about 5 pounds of kale, 3 bushels of beets, 3 bags of carrots and a bowl full of apples just waiting for me to make medley's of them. In other words, if I procrastinate any more, I'll have wasted about $175.00 on raw veggies and a new juicer (supplied by Kmart for 40 bux). Did I mention that I hate KMart? Even their Jaclyn Smith line makes me cringe a little, since I worked on that campaign at my old job. Jaclyn Smith is about 90 going on 23.
Anyway, I'm nervous. No. I'm...already feeling moody from eating veggies (with coffee and cheese for cheats) alone since last thurs. I've already lost a few pounds. I'm already a bit tired. I'm excited for this exhileration thing that's supposed to happen!! hello? It supposedly takes a little while. and with juicing, all will get worse before it gets much and hopefully MUCH better! That, I AM indeed excited for!!
So, here is where I will write sordid details, to gross you out, make you laugh maybe, and give you info on what might work or not for you! Warning...cleansing involves some pretty gross stuff. like, colonics and many bathroom trips. I'll go easy on you's. unless you piss me off while I'm in the cranky phase by bringing fresh pizza's to eat near me while I sip on fucking kale juice.
that's all for now.

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