"Emotional Hell and Good Hugs from John Brooks," or, "I Make Hell a Happy Place," by Carol Tessitore

Upon making a title for this blog that is seemingly going nowhere, I've concluded the following:

1). That I have absolutely NO idea what to conclude, as far as this blog goes. This also extends to my current in-transition job situation. No conclusions necessary is what I decide, for now. Going with flow. But I will indeed come up with something so mind-blowingly witty, cynical, daring, terribly dainty and hugely attractive that you'll make this page your homepage. um. ok that is the biggest lie I've ever told.

2). That I also have absolutely NO idea whether or not John Brooks is capable of making my life an emotional hell OR of giving good hugs to balance the emotional hell, as he claims he can do. I think this would be a precarious balance though. Don't you? Hugs vs. Emotional Hell? I don't know, they just don't seem to match up as duelling equals.

3). That "NAKED" brand all natural superfood juice smoothies contain 100% juice and supposedly ZERO preservatives, yet the bottle of juice is good till Sept 05, 2008...almost 2 MONTHS from now. That doesn't seem all natural, at all.

4). You have no desire to make this your homepage. yet. You may even, perhaps, leave this site of mine that seemed interesting at first but is now leaving you with a dull, aching, pang of boredom.

love you.

ps. i always say this, but I promise to suck less some other time. thanks!

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