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kriya yoga. yeesh!




Happy Birthday Mom. Plus, Vive le Spandex!

Today would be...58!! (i think. maybe 59?) Love you Mom. I have to say my experiences in the past month as an "official yogi" have brought up tons of unresolved things that I now get to deal with and let them roll through. In the past I've pushed these things far far away but it's time I stopped running. Bring it!!! Nothing can freak me out more than I freak myself out so I'm all good.

On a much different note (maybe) I know I've changed quite a bit. You wanna know how?? Because I found myself sauntering around the East Vill during prime time on a Friday night WEARING SPANDEX. THE SHINY KIND, TOO. When did I decide this was acceptable? yes, I was coming from yoga and going TO dance...there's my excuse. But this is the first time in my life I really do not care if you make fun of my sparkling butt. :) Plus, I get to pretend I'm in flashdance. Now I just need one of those braided cotton headbands. yeesssssss

vive le spandex!! hahahaha


the old Carol has a run in with the new Carol, and they don't like each other much.

OK, so both Carols are really just Carol. We are pretty cool here in this body of ours chilling. Sometimes we are so gleeful and want to sing and dance all day (yay). And sometimes we feel like a dense grey cloud flitting around the city, looking down to the ground, doing the self-pity shuffle as to not meet anyone else's eye (not so yay). So wtf is up with that? I think it's just the process of transition that makes these 2 Carols who are really part of the same Carol seem like they are fighting.
Now I, as Carol (Carol 3? oh wait, I'm trying to dissuade the other Carols of the more than one Carol idea, though I find it kind of funny to write, especially because this is entirely schitzo (sp) and it's way too early for me to come up with something more metaphorical as to not use my actual name) have to be the mediator of Carols. I think a good idea would be to hold onto the gleeful stuff for longer and longer periods of time, until the dark clouds feel comfortable clearing.

links mostly for me to read later. yoga in relation to dance. yippeee

Brian Kest's glossary of sanskrit words:

appropriate for this posting's attitude problem. "has your yoga left the mat yet?"