Happy Birthday Mom. Plus, Vive le Spandex!

Today would be...58!! (i think. maybe 59?) Love you Mom. I have to say my experiences in the past month as an "official yogi" have brought up tons of unresolved things that I now get to deal with and let them roll through. In the past I've pushed these things far far away but it's time I stopped running. Bring it!!! Nothing can freak me out more than I freak myself out so I'm all good.

On a much different note (maybe) I know I've changed quite a bit. You wanna know how?? Because I found myself sauntering around the East Vill during prime time on a Friday night WEARING SPANDEX. THE SHINY KIND, TOO. When did I decide this was acceptable? yes, I was coming from yoga and going TO dance...there's my excuse. But this is the first time in my life I really do not care if you make fun of my sparkling butt. :) Plus, I get to pretend I'm in flashdance. Now I just need one of those braided cotton headbands. yeesssssss

vive le spandex!! hahahaha

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